The future of ubiquitous computing, Wi-Fi dog! Get Wi-Fi as you commute and walk the dog simultaneously! I’ve not built a prototype yet but I am currently stuffing a BT Home Hub up the cat’s arse, I’ll let you know how I get on with the eDog Project.


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As random as a pink elephant eating a banana peel in a pool of spatulas! It’s not a crime fighting elephant, nor is it very good at Call of Duty. But the elephant is random, so random in fact; it’s not an elephant at all. But a huge spaceship with long legs that eats dried apricots and Lego bricks. It has developed a means of selling Wi-Fi on the black-market to Garden Gnomes who plan to take over Facebook! Seriously it is all rather disconcerting. Even now! There’s a Gnome in my garden, urinating!